The New York Volunteer

to the tune of "The Poachers" by G. A. Hodson,
lyrics anonymous
Public Domain Music

1. 'Twas in the days of the seventy six,
When Freemen young and old,
All fought for Independence then,
Each hero brave and bold!
'Twas then the noble Stars and Stripes
In triumph did appear,
And defended by brave patriots,
The Yankee Volunteers.

'Tis my delight to march and fight
Like a New York Volunteer.

2. Now, there's our City Regiments,
Just see what they have done:
The first to offer to the State
To go to Washington,
To protect the Federal Capital
And the flag they love so dear!
And they've done their duty nobly,
Like New York Volunteers.


3. The Rebels out in Maryland,
They madly raved and swore,
They's let none of our Union troups
Pass through Baltimore;
But the Massachusetts Regiment,
No traitors did they fear;
But found their way to Washington,
Like New York Volunteers.



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